• How can we better support people with neuromusculoskeletal conditions and get them back to work faster?
  • How can we overcome misinformation and close knowledge gaps?
  • How can we ensure universal access to effective NMSK treatment for every Canadian? 

CCRF invests in high-impact, evidence-based research to help answer these questions – and more. Join us to help elevate the quality of life of those burdened with musculoskeletal pain and disability. 

CCRF needs your support – now more than ever before.

Donate to CCRF and you can accelerate leading-edge research to deliver better evidence. Evidence that assists Canada’s healthcare and public policy leaders to make more informed decisions. Evidence that can shift perspectives in areas of social concern like opioid dependency, mental health and emergency room wait times. Evidence that underpins updated return-to-work protocols and more effective referrals. Evidence that supports improved access to chiropractic treatment for people who’ve been unable to access it in the past.

Thank you for being part of Canada’s national research team! We appreciate your generosity, and we’ll work tirelessly on your behalf to strengthen the impact of chiropractic research within our profession and across the country.

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You became a chiropractor because you had a vision – to make an impact. In the lives of your patients. Your colleagues. The chiropractic profession. Healthcare in Canada.

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At CCRF, we know. Because that’s our vision too. To invest in high impact evidence-based research that leads to solutions for people suffering with MSK disease and disability. Today. Tomorrow. And in decades to come.

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Whether you’re celebrating a career milestone or working out your estate plan you want to invest in things that count.

Learn how your legacy can make a difference to you, your family and your profession.


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