Dr. Vince Adams, CCA Liaison

Dr. Vincent Adams splits his time between his chiropractic practice’s three locations in PEI. He’s served on the CCA board for over five years and continues to help foster the growth of the profession in his role as CCRF Liaison. An avid sports enthusiast, Dr. Adams loves bodybuilding and is presently vice-president of the PEI Bodybuilding Association. He makes his home in Charlottetown, PEI, with his children — Matthew, Jonathon, Rhaya, Kaia, and Amina.

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Areas of Expertise: Pain Management, strength and conditioning specialist, chiropractic rehabilitation graduate, acupuncture and DIY fundraiser extraordinaire


Why I serve:

My passion to help others in physical and emotional pain is fuelled by the knowledge I gain through reading current research. This passion wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for the hard work of our researchers. I am eternally grateful and it is a pleasure to give back both my time and my finances to our profession.

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